The Real Build Episode 11. Diving Deeper Into All Things Building And Remodeling In The First Ever Panel Discussion With Past Guest Damian Heim, Brad Blair, And Jake Armstrong

Aug 4, 2019–Diving-Deeper-Into-All-Things-Building-And-Remodeling-In-The-First-Ever-Panel-Discussion-With-Past-Guest-Damian-Heim–Brad-Blair–And-Jake-Armstrong-e4rjq4

On this episode of The Real Build, I bring back past guests Damian Heim of Handmade Homes, Brad Blair of Spruce Homes, and Jake Armstrong of Revive Properties for my first ever panel discussion.

We dive deeper into some of the topics we discussed in our past interviews.  We discuss topics such as design trends, builder fees, the building process, marketing, home resale tips, and so much more.

Our goal as builders is to guide our customers throughout the building process as smoothly as possible. We talk about how communication is one of the most significant factors during the building process.