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At our core, we’re builders. It’s what we’ve come to love and be known for in the Marco Island and Naples area. With completely custom designs and excruciating attention to detail, our expert team of designers, and staff have been able to build over 200 families’ dream homes. Learn more about our building process and techniques below.

our 10 step process

While your home is one giant masterpiece, it’s also a collection of smaller works of art. We know the differences that small details can make in a final product, so we never cut corners or miss any details.  We are with you throughout the whole planning process, to make sure no detail is missed big or small.

1. Idea

A client has an idea of starting a new build. They either have their own plans, or not, have a piece of land already, or are still looking for the right parcel- all beginnings are fine!

2. Meeting

We set up a meeting with our team to go over our process as a luxury builder. Existing/In Progress builds are shown as examples of how we can create the best experience possible for each customer. We even have model homes that they can tour during our meeting for ideas.

3. Moving Forward

When a client moves forward with us, we enter the design stages. We give them options and go over an estimated budget with detailed spreadsheets and features lists. We don’t want any surprises or hidden fees.

6. Building

During the building process, we have multiple in person meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page and not one detail is missed. From start to finish- you are in the know.

5. Contract

Once we agree to a design and budget, we move to contract and permit submissions. During this time there is a little lag between breaking ground. We make sure to reach out to clients weekly to chat and update status. Once we obtain the necessary permits, we can begin the building process!

4. Design

We have partnered with many vendors to give our clients the most options at the best prices. For design elements we can recommend interior designers, or you can use our specialists in house. The decorator gets involved with the entire team during the planning stages. They also do separate architectural drawings for tile layouts, flooring, cabinet layouts, ceilings, furniture design, and more. It is a truly turn-key experience.

7. Interior

Selections for interior design are booked ahead based on build schedule and the client’s schedule. We do two rounds of appointments going to vendors to make sure all choices are decided on to ensure a smooth process. All of this is detailed out for the client so that they know room by room what is going on in the home.

8. Detailed Check

Before the final client walkthrough, we perform a long, detailed check of the house that consists of our team going through the home multiple times to mark any imperfections and make sure everything is fixed, cleaned, and perfect for the client to move in. During the final walkthrough with the client, we take detailed notes of any changes that need to be made, although our goal is to keep this minimal.

9. Building

It’s move-in time! As the client moves in and begins living in and using the home, things may pop up. We make sure we are responsive right away and tend to everything they need. This includes a standard one year full coverage warranty where we take care of any issues that arise.
10. Management
For those not local to the area- we offer estate management services where we check on their homes weekly while they are gone and make sure everything is running smoothly. We also operate Reiman Properties where if a client wants to sell their home we will sell and market it for them.

Let’s turn your dream into a reality