In this episode of The Real Build, I talk with former United States Marine Damian Heim.

Damian Heim is Managing Owner of Handmade Homes In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We discuss different topics about what he does to help his customers have a better building experience.  We also discuss what people should do while looking for a home builder.

Here is a little bit about Damian and his background.

Damian grew up in a small farm town in North Eastern Iowa. While growing up he worked on farms and during high school, he worked for Custom Pre-Cast setting slats for the construction of hog confinement buildings. After high school, he spent just over 4 Years in the United States Marine Corps.

Shortly after my Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps, Damian married his wife, Jennifer.  Upon moving to Oklahoma, he started working construction on the side. He found that he enjoyed it and went to work for a small home building company and helped them grow to one of the largest homebuilding companies in Oklahoma.

After 13 years, together Damian decided that he wanted to start his own home building company. So with an exceptional understanding of the home building business, he got started, and Handmade Homes was born. He has been building since 2014, specializing in energy-efficient homes.

Going forward as Handmade Homes grows, he will continue to oversee every home and check every building site to give customers the best home building experience possible.