The Real Build Episode 4. Redoing Your Roof? Things You Need To Know with Lewis May Of Sky Light Roofing

Jun 7, 2019–Redoing-Your-Roof–Things-You-Need-To-Know-with-Lewis-May-Of-Sky-Light-Roofing-e49a33

After recent storms in the state of Florida, many people had with roof leaks, and some still have tarps on their roofs waiting for insurance money or a capable contractor to repair it.  People were fighting with insurance companies, getting ripped off by contractors for repairs, and not getting the help that they needed.  It was a mess, but the problem was people didn’t have the information that they needed before the storms.

There are so many elements that go into the construction of a roof from the initial wood, to the underlayment, to the exterior finish.  If done incorrectly, problems can happen.  One nail being wrong can cause issues over time, and this is why people need to hire a contractor with experience, and that knows the exact process for repair.

In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Lewis May of Sky Light Roofing.  We discuss many big topics with the roofing industry, including general construction, storm protection, insurance issues, pricing, and the right way a roof should be built.  If you are looking to replace a roof anytime soon, this episode is a must-listen.