The Real Build Episode 8. Are You Thinking About Getting A Mortgage? Are You Looking To Buy An Investment Property? An Interview With Rosa Madrid Of Movement Mortgage

Jul 14, 2019–Are-You-Thinking-About-Getting-A-Mortgage–Are-You-Looking-To-Buy-An-Investment-Property–An-Interview-With-Rosa-Madrid-Of-Movement-Mortgage-e4k74n

Are you thinking about buying a home but don’t know how to go about getting a loan?  Or maybe you want to get a loan for an investment property?  Are you thinking about building a new home and need funding?

In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Rosa Madrid of Movement Mortgage, and we discuss what exactly you need to look for before getting a loan on a property.

I was excited to have Rosa on the show because the mortgage process can be very intimidating to a lot of people.  It can be a long drug out process if you are not with the right loan officer to help guide you through the process.  Many people don’t know all the available options that they can do and all the great programs that are out there.

We discuss these things and so much more in this episode.  As always thank you for listening!