Jun 25, 2019

With a background in construction, the son of an award-winning custom home builder, Bill Reiman began to immerse himself in the world of construction at the age of 15 with his family-owned construction company, R.K Reiman Construction Inc. Soon, he found himself knowing the ins and outs of luxury home construction and founded The Brokerage Real Estate Refined, a high-end real estate brokerage representing clients in Marco Island, Florida. Thus, he is able to guide clients through the buying process, ensuring he finds the best homes for them that won’t present any issues in the future. Known for his detail approach to the real estate market, high degree of service and work ethic, Reiman has helped investors, individuals, families and friends build and acquire some of Marco Islands most prestigious properties. Haute Residence caught up with the real estate mogul to discuss the lifestyle of Marco Island, the advice he gives homeowners and the secrets behind successfully relocating to Marco Island.


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What considerations should agents address with out-of-town clients looking to purchase a vacation home? 

Marco Island is unique, and there is nothing else like it.  Many people not only come down to vacation but they also come to get away from the winter weather up north.  More and more people are beginning to learn about Marco Island and the beauty that it has to offer.  So as more people come down wanting to purchase property, real estate agents have to know the ins and outs of the island.  Marco Island is a boaters paradise.  So one of the main points to consider are the waterways.  Marco Island is a man-made island.  It consists of various canals and waterways divided by the main road in the center of the island called San Marco Road.  If a client wants to be on the water, there is a North and South side of the island.  The north side consists of more restaurants and marinas to pull your boat up to during the day.  The south side of the island consists of more small islands to spend the day at and is a further boat ride to restaurants and to Naples.  These two things are significant factors when considering where to buy on the water.  Another consideration is how close do potential buyers want to be to dining, golf courses, beach accesses, and shops?  Marco Island is a small island, but some people want to be able to ride a bike or walk easily to these destinations.  A real estate agent needs to consider what a buyers intention is after they purchase a home.  Is this home an investment property, possible rental, or seasonal home for future retirement.  These three factors can determine what exactly an agent should look for in size, age, condition, and most importantly price.  I also consider the activities my clients enjoy.  If they do things like play golf or tennis, I like to connect them to the local country clubs and try and get them closer to those areas.  After they purchase a home I have my company set them up with whatever memberships they need.  The primary factor I  address is the actual condition of a property for the client.  Having a construction background, I look further into a property then most agents even can comprehend.  I look at the homes interior and exterior features, the condition of everything around the home, the foundation of the property and at the neighboring homes around it.  These are just a few things agents should consider when working with buyers. 

How many of Marco Island home purchases are for vacation homes? What makes the city a good destination to own a second home in?

Most of the homes on the island are owned by part-time residence or as we locals like to call them”snowbirds.”  Throughout the summer months, the average population is around 17,000 and shoots up to approximately 35000 people in the winter months.  These numbers show you that the majority of the residents are part-time.   Many factors make the island an excellent destination for a second home.  The main highlight that drives people from all over the world to Marco Island is the sunshine and beautiful weather.  Many people purchase properties on Marco to get away from the cold winters up north.  Marco Island is also known for its beaches.  Tripadvisor has voted it as one of the top beaches in the United States.  A lot of people also buy property for the water access and boating.  Marco Island is a boaters paradise known for its beautiful waterways and having some of the top sport fishing in the world.  Marco is known as a millionaires island Marco offers impressive luxury property and is also one of the safest places to live with one of the lowest crime rates in the country.  It truly is a hidden gem and what a lot of part-time and full-time residents call their own piece of paradise.

What lifestyle opportunities does Marco Island offer?

 Marco Island has consistently been ranked one of the best places to live not only in Florida, but in the country.  The laid-back daily “island” lifestyle of Marco Island makes it a fantastic home for future retirees, young professionals, and families, with options for all who relocate.  Known for its sunshine and beautiful weather with an average temperature of 70 to 90 degrees means the weather is excellent throughout the year.  Marco Island is also a short drive to Naples where people can find many more attractions and things to do.  Marco features many fantastic restaurants to go to and some you can pull right up to by boat or sit down on the beach and watch one of the islands beautiful sunsets.  The fishing around the island is known as some of the best in the world.   Marco Island also features the Island Country Club and Hideaway Beach Club.  Both offer private memberships to some of the most well kept and challenging golf courses.    If you are looking to get away from all of the noise and relax,  Marco is the place to live.    

What are the vacation property rental rules in Marco Island? Can a vacation homeowner rent the residence when it is not occupied?

Rules can be different depending on what a client is renting.  Sometimes condos have more restrictions then houses do.  It also depends if there is an association involved.  Houses can be rented weekly, monthly, or annually.  Majority of homes on Marco Island are rented weekly.  A vacation homeowner can rent there home while they are not on the island.  The demand for vacation rentals on the island is enormous right now.  I have been dealing with a lot of clients lately that are building new homes so that they can rent them until they are ready to move down to the island and retire.  Weekly rental on a new home can be anywhere from $3000 to $7000 per week depending on the size of the house.  I have seen larger homes over 5,000 square feet on the water renting for over $10,000 a week.  That is a hefty return on your investment.  I am in the process of taking my real estate company into rental management.  But I am only doing high-end rentals while offering a 5-star resort approach with a concierge service.  

What is the best time of the year to move to Marco Island?

November – May are the best months to be on the Island.  Marco Island almost doubles in population within the winter months.  When you can walk outside to 70 + degree weather in the peak of winter, there is no better place to spend the winter months.  The summers can be hot, but the beaches are always packed.  More and more people are fleeing the cold weather to call Marco Island home.  It truly is paradise all year. 

How can homeowners protect their newly purchased second home when it is vacant?

 I personally offer home watch services to every client I deal with.  I check on there home once a week and look at everything inside and outside the house to make sure everything is running as it should. I report back to them every couple of weeks.  I am currently in the process of expanding my home watch business into more homes.  I want The Brokerage Real Estate Refined to be a universal company that not only gives each client the best service while buying or building a new home but also takes care of them after the purchase.  My clients trust me because I have a background in construction and they know that I have the knowledge about homes and how they are built.  I know how everything should run in a property and it is great to be able to maintain a relationship with them for years after they buy or build.

What advice do you have for Marco Island’ visitors who fall in love with the city’s real estate and seek to purchase a home this season?

 My advice is first to hire a broker that has the knowledge of the island and can showcase all of the greatness it has to offer.  There are a lot of properties out there,  Some good homes, some bad homes, and some ugly homes, and this is where you need the right guidance.  Work with a broker or agent that is going to go above and beyond for you every step of the way.  Marco Island may be small, but there are a lot of factors that I said before to consider.  It is my job as a broker to guide you to the right place.  Second, determine what you want to do with the home you buy or build.  Is this an investment property or a seasonal home?  Are you planning on renting it?  Choosing the right rental or property management company that is going to act like a personal concierge is what each potential buyer needs.  Last but not least find a Broker or agent that you can trust and have a long-term relationship.  I have helped buyers, buy, sell, rent, and maintain their homes for years.  I have built trust within them and also built friendships into the