WATCH: R.K. Reiman A Day In The Life With Mason Blosser

Mar 12, 2024

Check out A Day in the Life with R.K. Reiman Construction team member Mason Blosser. Mason is the assistant superintendent with the team.

In 2023, Mason Blosser became a vital part of the R.K. Reiman Construction crew. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Mason has more to him than just construction. Back home, he enjoyed shooting firearms, racing cars, and staying fit. Before jumping into construction, Mason made a name for himself at 1st Phorm, one of the country’s top fitness companies, where he quickly climbed the ranks at a young age. What makes Mason stand out is not just his hometown roots but his impressive journey in the fitness world. Now, with his ambition and drive, Mason brings a valuable mix of experiences to the R.K. Reiman team. His knack for success, honed in a different industry, makes him a crucial addition, ready to contribute not only construction know-how but also a determined spirit to the collaborative success of R.K. Reiman Construction.