The Real Build Episode 1. Let Me Tell You My Story

May 5, 2019

In this episode of The Real Build host, Bill Reiman tells you his story and his path to becoming a real estate broker and builder.  You will learn about how Bill Reiman got to where he is in real estate and new construction today.  He talks about his life experiences growing up and the path that led him to be successful in the real estate industry.
Some of the show highlights are:
Bill Reiman was born right outside of Chicago on September 20, 1986
He came from a hard-working family. When he was little his dad was always working
His dad came from nothing and built a successful company from scratch
As a kid, Bill would always like to sell things 
Bill worked since he was a little kid on his dad’s job sites and learned all aspects of the construction business.
Bill Reiman’s knowledge and years of working construction have helped him transition into selling real estate.
These are just a few things you will learn about Bill Reiman on this episode.  So please tune in and learn more about the host of The Real Build.