The Real Build Episode 12. Making The Building Process Easier. An Interview With Austen Dinger Of Austen Construction

Aug 11, 2019

In this episode of The Real Build, I interviewed a top builder out of Keller, Texas, Austen Dinger of Austen Construction.

I enjoyed interviewing Austen because he comes from a similar background as I do. Austen grew up in the construction business working alongside his dad, the founder of Austen Construction back in 1993. Nothing was ever handed to him and he continues to work hard every day and help grow his family business to new levels.

Austen and I discuss many different topics about the construction industry such as popular home design trends, and the preplanning stage and what customers need to know while shopping for builders. We talk about why going with the less expensive builder can be risky in the long run. We also talk about what customers should expect during the build process.

Austen and I have grown up in the construction industry, and both have a passion for helping customers learn everything they need to know about building a home. We both want to find ways to make the process better for not only our customers but anybody looking to build a house.

As always, enjoy this episode and thank you so much for listening.