The Real Build Episode 3. An interview with Brad Blair, co-owner of Spruce Homes

May 23, 2019

In this episode of The Real Build, I interview one of the owners of Spruce Homes, Brad Blair.
Brad talks about how he and his wife Katelyn started Spruce Homes in 2016 from nothing and how flipping small projects turned into a dream of not only building fantastic custom homes but incorporating full-on start to finish design.
We also spoke about the millennial buyer and what they should be looking for when finding a builder to build a new home or even buying a spec home. 
Brad also talks about how they implemented interior design into there homes to give the client a total turn-key build.
We also spoke about how it is essential to do the little things when building a new home, like adding a wine rack to cabinets.  A wine rack is a small addition that doesn’t cost a builder much but can be huge to the potential buyer.
It is essential to guide the customers from start to finish during the build process.  We spoke about what Spruce Homes does differently that people should look for.
We also discussed how building long term relationships with customers are key.  
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