The Real Build Episode 5. Do You Think About Remodeling Your Property? Things You Need To Know With Jake Armstrong Of Revive Properties

Jun 15, 2019

Do you think about remodeling your property?  Are you stuck trying to figure out how to go about the remodeling process?  Are you worried about possible cost and headaches that come along with remodeling?

In this episode of The Real Build, I sit down with Jake Armstrong of Revive Properties.  Jake has been involved in the remodeling business for many years and knows what customers need to look for during a remodel.

Let’s face it; doing a remodel can be very stressful.  Not knowing what to expect is what stops a lot of people from moving forward with the process.  You have to hire the right company that can guide you through the process.  Communication from start to finish in any remodeling project is essential.  Going through the project with the customer and setting all expectations from the beginning can allow fewer headaches and a smoother transition into a job well done.

Remodeling can also increase your properties resale value.  Knowing what elements in your property to remodel to drive up its potential sale price is big time.

We discuss these things and much more in episode 5 of The Real Build.  Please listen and enjoy and share it with all your friends and family.