The Real Build Episode 6. What You Need To Know Before Selecting Your Next Contractor Or Realtor

Jun 21, 2019–What-You-Need-To-Know-Before-Selecting-Your-Next-Contractor-Or-Realtor-e4dgn6

In this episode of The Real Build, Bill Reiman goes deeper into the process of selecting a contractor or real estate agent.

Let’s face it a lot of people don’t know how to go about selecting a contractor or realtor.  Most go with someone they know or a referral from a friend.

Bill Reiman covers what you need to look for when selecting your next contractor or real estate agent.

Bill covers topics like

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH – Everything is online now.  You can find out everything about everyone.

2.  Don’t just hire a someone you know – Let’s face it most of us have people we know in construction and real estate. It doesn’t mean they can give you the best overall experience.

3. Experience does matter – Not much explanation needed here.

4.  Interview top contractors and agents and hire who you feel most comfortable with – If you don’t like someone from the beginning, it’s only going to be worse towards the end.

5. Review what they have to offer – What a builder provides a standard in there pricing or what a realtor provides for marketing are some examples.

6. Look at there portfolio – look at homes the builder built and walkthrough.  With realtors look at what they have sold.  Call past customers that they worked for.

7. Long term relationships matter – Your contractor or realtor should always be there and always pick up the phone to answer any questions.

8. DON’T ALWAYS LOOK AT PRICE – Don’t make your final decision on cost.  You get what you pay for.

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