The Real Build Episode 90. Is The Real Estate And Home Building Market On The Edge Of A Collapse?

Apr 6, 2021



In this episode of The Real Build, I had the opportunity to speak with real estate professional Liza Florida. I was excited to have Liza on the show because Liza specializes in residential real estate, specialized assets, distressed properties (Short Sale, Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure), and mortgage lending. The real estate market is on fire right now. We are seeing low inventory in many areas and high demand. Prices keep climbing higher, pricing people out of the market. So are we on the brink of another real estate collapse? Is there a significant slow down coming?
Liza is a Real Estate Professional, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Podcast Host offering outstanding qualifications from extensive work experience.
She is Armed with exceptional interpersonal skills in building strong rapport with colleagues and professionals of all levels. She believes that what you put out into this world comes back. In addition to her professional career in Real Estate, her passion is to be of service to others, and that is carried out through her volunteer work and sharing inspirational stories on her podcast Eight Billion.
Liza Florida Website:
Host Info Email: [email protected]