WATCH: Building The Dream: Behing The Framing EP: 2

Mar 5, 2024

A crucial part of construction is what we like to call “The Rough Stage.” During the rough stage, all plumbing drains and ventilation lines are connected soon after all water lines are installed throughout the home before drywall.

The rough plumbing phase lays the groundwork for the functionality and efficiency of the plumbing system within the structure. It involves strategically positioning pipes, drains, and fixtures to ensure proper water flow and waste disposal. This stage requires precision and attention to detail, as any errors or oversights can result in costly repairs and inconveniences down the line. Once the rough plumbing is completed, it sets the stage for the next steps in the construction process, allowing for the seamless integration of other building components, such as electrical systems and insulation. Ultimately, the rough plumbing stage is essential for creating a solid foundation upon which the rest of the construction project can be built.