WATCH: Episode 185. The Real Build Relaunch

May 31, 2024

Welcome back to The Real Build! This is the relaunch episode. It has almost been one year since we last launched an episode. After deciding to take a break from the show, I realized how much I missed this. I missed having my show and getting the opportunity to interview amazing people.

Most importantly, I missed you, the audience, and helping you. After almost a year, Ive decided to bring the show back, but we will change things up this time. Before we talked about all construction and real estate-related things. I will still cover that, but I will also highlight different business owners and how they navigate life and business.

Im also going to interview local business owners in my hometown.

As I continue to grow as an interviewer, I’m eager to open up to more people and ask more challenging, thought-provoking questions. Your feedback has always been valuable in shaping the show, and the more diverse perspectives I can bring, the better I can serve you, the listener.

You will hear conversations about culture, leadership, vision, community, God and Faith, Family, friendship, connection, relationships, business, and all things related to better serving the client.

I’m here to showcase real business owners who build companies with integrity, trust, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

As always, we are here to empower you, the client, with the knowledge and insights you need to make informed decisions when hiring a business or service. Your role in this show is crucial, and I’m committed to providing you with the most valuable information.